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5 Ways to Increase Your Focus (and Get More Done)


Time is slowly passing us by. With all the daily distractions we face, be it social media, kids, work, or even our own emotions, many of us feel pulled in every direction. Life can become chaotic, but it’s our goal to help you focus, expect more of yourself, and ultimately reach your goals. Top research scientists have identified these top 5 ways, some even utilized by celebrities and professional athletes, to help those who lead extremely busy lifestyles, and maintain balance amidst their successful, albeit demanding, lifestyles. 

If you wish to achieve more, become better centered, and start feeling a sense of accomplishment, then start implementing some of the strategies outlined below. 

By no means are these in order. Just choose one that you feel is most appropriate, and simply start there. 

    1. Clarity is key - create a vision, sketch, or even a list of what your day will look like tomorrow, before going to bed. This will help to clear your brain, and provide for a positive start to your morning. It will enable you to devote yourself to what needs to be accomplished, and where to commit your focus. Always structure your day accordingly, so you can be best positioned for success. 
    2. Try applying the Pomodoro technique - This is to help train your brain, much like weightlifting is utilized to train your muscles. This technique is designed for you to fully focus on a task, for 25 minutes, and then take a 5-minute break. For every 4 periods, you take a longer 20-30 minute break. If fully committing to a task for 25 minutes is difficult, then start with 15 minutes at the onset. Keep it up, and after awhile, once you hit your 25-minute time period, you will not even know it! If you need a timer for support, there are many phone apps designed for this type of exercise, or you can just use the timer on your computer or phone. 
    3. Don’t multitask & remove distractions. Commit to a singular task, until you lose attention, and either take a break, or move on to something else. As mentioned above, zero in on this one task for 25 minutes and nothing else. Concentrate, until that task is complete, or you can no longer maintain focus, and need to move on to something else. Our brains don’t have the ability to multitask.  We can only process one task at a time, and this concept of multitasking only creates a problem, because it trains our brain not to focus, which is precisely what we want to avoid. Remove all distractions when working. Shut off the phone, disconnect from emails, social media, or any other obstructions that can stand in the way of reaching the best of your abilities. I want to ensure that I complete my tasks, so that I can feel more accomplished with my dan (?) and move closer to attainment of my goals. I want to help you complete your designated tasks, so that you may experience a sense of accomplishment, and be positioned that much closer to attaining your overarching goals.
    4. Be healthy - This is something we all need to adopt. I’m a huge health, fitness, and nutrition advocate. If you do the research, and consider the effects these elements have on the brain, mood, sleep, and the list goes on, then you will see it’s a no brainer. It’s a well-known fact that exercise and healthy eating does wonders for basically every aspect of your life so we, of course, couldn’t leave this one off the list. As we are also aware, exercise can come in many different forms, from running, hiking, biking, lifting weights, to yoga, and the list goes on and on. The key is to find something that works well and comfortably for you, and you will continue with it, on a consistent basis. Both a good diet and maintaining your physical fitness, will also improve your mental fortitude. Additionally, fluid movement will help regulate your hormones, and hopefully get you the necessary 7-8 hours of quality sleep every night. Sleep is a critical component to being able to center your attention. If your body, mind, and spirit are not functioning well, you can’t expect to win the battle of focus and concentration. I’m sure you can recall how ineffective you felt the morning, following an all-nighter or late-night partying. 
    5. Brain Supplements - Researching the brain, diet, and exercise, we always like to find a Hack, or an instant formula, to improve brain focus. We have tried many supplements on the market, though the one I personally found to work best, is a supplement by a small retail seller called Nero Plus - If you would like to order some, you can purchase it through this link here:


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5 Ways to Increase Your Focus (and Get More Done)
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5 Ways to Increase Your Focus (and Get More Done)